Années de dépôt


Use of Spider Venoms for Skin Whitening/Depigmenting and Composition Comprising Spider Venoms Molecules or Synthetic Analogs
Kamel Mabrouk, José Luis, Pomyers De, Denis Bertin, Didier Gigmes, Marion Verdoni, Abd Haq Bengeloune, Hermine Roudaut,
Alkoxyamines for the Treatment of Cancers
Philippe Mellet, Sylvain Marque, Jean-Michel Franconi, Pierre Voisin, Damien Moncelet, Paul Bremond, Gérard Audran,


Block Copolymer Including a Polyanion Based on a Tfsili Anion Monomer as a Battery Electrolyte
Renaud Bouchet, Abdelmaula Aboulaich, Sébastien Maria, Trang Phan, Didier Gigmes, Denis Bertin, Rachid Meziane, Jean-Pierre Bonnet, Michel Armand,
Polymeric Active Ingredients Which Contain Sulfonate Groups and Improve Primary Washing Power
Benoit Luneau, Inga Kerstin Vockenroth, Quang Ngoc Tran, Trang Phan, Didier Gigmes, Denis Bertin,
Inhibitor Combination, Resin Mixture Containing Same and Use of Same
Armin Pfeil, Johannes Brinkhorst, Didier Gigmes, Luca Valgimigli, Derek Pratt, Denis Bertin,
Use of polymers obtained by copolymerization of styrene sulfonic acid and/or its ammonium or alkali metal with monomer, for enhancing the primary washing power of detergents or cleaning of textiles during washing of its hard surfaces
Denis Bertin, Quang Ngoc Tran, Trang Phan, Didier Gigmes, Inga Vockenroth, Benoit Luneau,
Sulfonate Group-Containing Polymer Active Ingredients Which Improve Primary Detergent Power
Benoit Luneau, Inga Kerstin Vockenroth, Nicole Plath, Quang Ngoc Tran, Trang Phan, Didier Gigmes, Denis Bertin,
Amphiphilic Block Copolymers and Machine Dishwashing Detergents Containing These
Benoit Luneau, Christian Kropf, Mareile Job, Nina Mussmann, Thomas Eiting, Konstantin Benda, Thorsten Bastigkeit, Quang Ngoc Tran, Trang Phan, Didier Gigmes, Denis Bertin,
Diagnostic and Treatment of an Androgen-Independent Prostate Cancer
Caroline Berenguer-Daize, Pierre-Marie Martin, Kamel Mabrouk, Denis Bertin, L’houcine Ouafik,
Highly Efficient Polarizing Agents for Dynamic Nuclear Polarization
Claire Sauvee, Gilles Casano, Olivier Ouari, Paul Tordo, Fabien Aussenac, Melanie Rosay,
Use of spider venoms for skin whitening/depigmentating and composition comprising spider venoms derivatives
Kamel Mabrouk, Jose Luis, Pomyers Harold De, Denis Bertin,
Rigid Dinitroxide Biradical Compounds Used as Improved Polarising Agents for Dynamic Nuclear Polarisation Techniques
Olivier Ouari, Paul Tordo, Gilles Casano, Mélanie Rosay, Fabien Aussenac, Christophe Coperet, Anne Lesage, Aaron Rossini, Lyndon Emsley, Alexandre Zagdoun,


Antibodies that Bind to Adrenomedullin and to Adrenomedullin Receptors and the Uses Thereof as Drugs
Kamel Mabrouk, L’houcine Ouafik, Carine Tesic, Denis Bertin, Caroline Berenguer-Daize, Pierre-Marie Martin,
Marcos Lopez, Micael Joel Hardy, Balaraman Kalyanaraman, Ming Zhao,
In Vivo Mitochondrial Labeling Using Positively-CHarged Nitroxide Enhanced and Gadolinum Chelate Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Balaraman Kalyanaraman, Joy Joseph, Kathleen Marie Schmainda, Douglas Edward Prah, Marcos Lopez, Micael Joel Hardy,
Acridines As Inhibitors Of Haspin And DYRK Kinases
Jonathan Higgins, Gregory D. Cuny, Marcie Glicksman, Debasis Patnaik, Maxime Robin, Ross L. Stein, Jun Xian,
Process for Preparing High Impact Monovinylaromatic Polymers in the Presence of a Borane Complex
Michel Duc, Bruno Vuillemin, Denis Bertin, Sylvain Marque, Christophe Galindo,


DNP NMR spectroscopy with non-aqueous solvents
Werner Maas, Melanie Rosay, Christophe Coperet, David Gajan, Lyndon Emsley, Moreno Lelli, Anne Lesage, Aaron Rossini, Alexandre Zagdoun, Paul Tordo, Olivier Ouari,


Dinitroxide-Type Biradical Compounds Optimized for Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (dnp)
Olivier Ouari, Hakim Karoui, Moigne Francois Le, Paul Tordo, Robert G. Griffin, Yoh Matsuki, Thorsten Maly,