Scientific manager : Olivier Ouari
Technical manager : Patrick Bernasconi

The joint Electronic Paramagnetic Resonance Service represents a considerable asset for the development of all research carried out within the Institute of Radical Chemistry. The EPR common service provides free access to 5 EPR devices (Bruker ELEXSYS, Bruker EMX, Bruker ESP300, Varian E9, Magnetech L-Band), most of which have variable temperature systems (100 K to 400 K), a broad spectrum photolysis system. These instruments make it possible to carry out experiments in organic, aqueous and in vivo medium thanks to the L-band spectrometer.

The devices are primarily dedicated to the research activities of the Unit. However these equipments are open also for services of the academic or private sectors.

Membership in the National network of RPE interdisciplinary

The Institute of Radical Chemistry will also be a component of the multidisciplinary center of EPR spectrometry Aix-Marseille (coordinator B. Guigliarelli) recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research as one of the four main national sites in the field of EPR spectrometry and its applications.
The Unit is also a member of the RENARD federation for Réseau National de RPE Interdisciplinary ( This Network operating on the type of the CNRS Very Large Equipment (TGE) aims to centralize and facilitate the accessibility of national EPR platforms to a wider scientific community


Lot-Oriel Xe-Hg broad spectrum fiber optic light irradiation system for direct sample irradiation
within the cavity.