Development of tools (molecules probes, processes ..) for the study of the chemical processes of living in pathologies involving oxidative stress. Synthesis of diffusible probes of intracellular pH. Synthesis of biocompatible free radical scavengers. Development of models of in vitro and in vivo studies of oxidative stress adapted to 31P NMR and in vivo RPE. Collaboration with hospital-university partners.


  • Organic synthesis
  • Medicinal chemistry. In vitro tests (SAR) / in vivo
  • Cell culture, animal experimentation, specialization in surgery
  • Spin-trapping / RPE and 31P NMR in vivo
  • Biochemical techniques and analytical chemistry applied to biology (chemiluminescence, spectrophotometry, HPLC …)  


Sylvia PietriDR CNRSNicolas VidalChercheur associé
Marcel CulcasiCR CNRSHenia SaidDoctorante
Anne MercierCR CNRSCaroline BonnetPost-doctorant
Pierre StockerMCF AMUMathieu CassienPost-doctorant
Sophie Thétiot-LaurentMCF AMUEmilie RicquebourgPost-doctorant
Nader CherifMaster
Thibaut GilletMaster



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