Study and understand the radical processes involved in polymer chemistry (synthesis, degradation, stabilization, etc.). Develop synthetic methodologies based on radical chemistry for obtaining complex macromolecular architectures. Synthesis of polymeric materials with specific properties finding applications in various fields such as environment, energy or health.


  • Physico-chemical studies (kinetics, EPR, spin-trapping)
  • Organic synthesis
  • Nitroxides Mediated Polymerization (NMP)
  • Polymers synthesis
  • Polymers characterization in liquid and solid phase 


Didier GigmesRD CNRSSoioulata AboudouEngineer
Jean-Louis ClémentLecturer AMUMaxime BlanchardPhD Student
Frédéric DumurLecturer AMU – HDRJessica MaurielloPhD Student
Yohann GuillaneufCR CNRS – HDRNino ModestoPhD Student
Cathy LefayLecturer AMU – HDRKaouthar OudouaPhD Student
Sébastien MariaLecturer AMUNoémie GilPhD Student
Trang PhanLecturer AMU – HDRMagali DallegrePhD Student
Malek NechabLecturer AMUSébastien IssaPhD Student
Kamel MabroukRE CNRSHizia CherifPhD Student
Marion RolletSE AMUNicolas GiacolettoPhD Student
Laurent AutissierTEC AMUYasmine BoughanmiPhD Student
Anthony KermagoretLecturer AMUClaire CaucatPhD Student
David BardelangCR CNRSCorentin PigotPhD Student
Nam HoaiPhD Student
Hien Ho TheEngineer



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