We are looking for creative, paramagnetic solutions to problems at the interface of chemistry, spectroscopy, medecine, biology, and supramolecular and materials sciences. Examples of applications follow:

– Synthesis and biophysics of free radical spin traps and of fluorescent probes (functionalization, vectorization, detection in confined media …)
– Synthesis and studies of compounds targeting mitochondria for the development of new anticancer strategies.

– Supramolecular chemistry of macrocycles (synthesis, functionalization, host-guest chemistry, new types of assemblies).

– Free radicals for ssNMR/DNP and dissolution DNP.

– Redox-active compounds for energy storage.


  • Synthesis and studies of new radical molecules mainly nitroxides
  • Synthesis of free radical trap-probes
  • EPR studies / modeling / spin trapping
  • Synthesis of macrocycles and supramolecular chemistry


Olivier OuariPr AMUHugo LinguaPost-doctorant
Hakim KarouiMCF AMU
Micaël HardyMCF AMU
David BardelangCR CNRS
Gilles CasanoIR CNRS
Emilie PepeTe AMU

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