Our research is focused on the reactivity of organic radicals investigated by means of EPR, MS and NMR and applications of these radicals in organic chemistry and biology. Thus, we are involved in the synthesis of new smart molecules, which can be used in Polymer Chemistry, Materials Science, Imaging, Medicinal chemistry for cancer or parasites, and in fundamental radical chemistry as well as EPR. Our research activities are developed along seven main axes.

Keywords : Contrast Agents, EPR, MRI, Nitroxides, Alkoxyamines, Enzymes, Theranostics, Overhauser-enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging.


Organic Synthesis
Preparation of stable free radical species.
Characterization of organic compounds (ESR, NMR, MS…)
Radical Chemistry
Physico-Chemical Investigations (kinetic experiments, solvent effects…)


Gérard AudranPr AMUAnge Wilfrid Embo IboungaDoctorant
Maurice SantelliPr AMU (Emeritus)Stanislas LozovskiiPost-doctorant A*Midex
Sylvain MarquePr AMUJeffrey HavotDoctorant
Valérie RoubaudMCF AMUJean-Patrick JolyPost-doctorant ANR
Enzo VaiedelichDoctorant