The Radical Pharmaco-Chemistry team of ICR, localized on the campus Health Timone (Faculty of Pharmacy), mainly focuses on research devoted to get new anti-infective molecules via the development of new synthetic tools using reactions featured by monoelectronic transfer (SNR1, OED, Mn(OAc)3…). This work relies on the use of a « microwaves » technical platform dedicated to « Green Chemistry » and on a glovebox, as well as on membership of the local “chemical library” of the team in the national “chemical library”.

The research performed by the team is structured along two axes : the development of new synthetic methods mirroring the design of new organic electron donors and the preparation of new molecules with anti-infective and anti-cancer potential.


  • synthesis / monoelectronic transfer reactions
  • microwaves-activated radical reactions
  • pharmaco-chemistry toward anti-infective and anti-cancer compounds


Patrice VanellePU-PH AMUDyhia AmranePhD candidate
Pascal RathelotPU-PH AMUArona FallPhD candidate
Maxime D. CrozetPU AMURomain MustièrePhD candidate
Thierry TermePU AMURomain Paoli-LombardoPhD candidate
Julie BroggiMCF AMUMarion CasanovaPhD candidate
Caroline Castera-DucrosMCU-PH AMUVincent MonteroPhD candidate
Christophe CurtiMCU-PH AMUYuxi ZhaoPost-doc
Armand GellisMCF AMU
Fanny MathiasMCF AMU
Marc MontanaMCU-PH AMU
Nicolas PrimasMCF AMU
Sébastien RedonMCF AMU
Manon RocheMCU-PH AMU
Cedric SpitzMCF AMU
Gamal Giuglio-TonoloIGR AMU
Omar KhoumeriIGR AMU
Youssef KabriIGR AMU
Vincent RemusatIGR AMU
Françoise ArrechiADT AMU
Martine MaillardASI AMU


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