Publications : 2010

5-Hydroxy-2,2,6,6-tetramethyl-4-(2-methylprop-1-en-yl)cyclohex-4-ene-1,3 -dione, a novel cheletropic trap for nitric oxide EPR detection

Robert Lauricella, Mathilde Triquigneaux, Christiane Andre-Barres, Laurence Charles, Beatrice Tuccio
Chemical Communications, 46 3675-3677 (2010) 

A new substrate to measure laccase activities in complex environments: Application to litters

A. M. Farnet, E. Ferre, G. Gil, S. Gastaldi
Soil Biology & Biochemistry, 42 1001-1005 (2010) 

Switching from (R)- to (S)-selective chemoenzymatic DKR of amines involving sulfanyl radical-mediated racemization

Lahssen El Blidi, Nicolas Vanthuyne, Didier Siri, Stephane Gastaldi, Michele P. Bertrand, Gerard Gil
Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 8 4165-4168 (2010) 

Memory of Chirality in Cascade Rearrangements of Enediynes

Malek Nechab, Damien Campolo, Julien Maury, Patricia Perfetti, Nicolas Vanthuyne, Didier Siri, Michele P. Bertrand
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 132 14742-14744 (2010) 

Software News and Update MOLCAS 7: The Next Generation

Francesco Aquilante, Luca De Vico, Nicolas Ferre, Giovanni Ghigo, Per-Ake Malmqvist, Pavel Neogrady, Thomas Bondo Pedersen, Michal Pitonak, Markus Reiher, Bjorn O. Roos, Luis Serrano-Andres, Miroslav Urban, Valera Veryazov, Roland Lindh
Journal of Computational Chemistry, 31 224-247 (2010) 

Modeling, Preparation, and Characterization of a Dipole Moment Switch Driven by Z/E Photoisomerization

Alfonso Melloni, Riccardo Rossi Paccani, Donato Donati, Vinicio Zanirato, Adalgisa Sinicropi, Maria Laura Parisi, Elena Martin, Mikhail Ryazantsev, Wan Jian Ding, Luis Manuel Frutos, Riccardo Basosi, Stefania Fusi, Loredana Latterini, Nicolas Ferre, Massimo Olivucci
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 132 9310-9319 (2010) 

Color-Tuning Mechanism of Firefly Investigated by Multi-Configurational Perturbation Method

Isabelle Navizet, Ya-Jun Liu, Nicolas Ferre, Hong-Yan Xiao, Wei-Hai Fang, Roland Lindh
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 132 706-712 (2010) 

Structural and atoms-in-molecules analysis of hydrogen-bond network around nitroxides in liquid waters

Celine Houriez, Michel Masella, Nicolas Ferre
Journal of Chemical Physics, 133 124508 (2010) 

Anabaena sensory rhodopsin is a light-driven unidirectional rotor

Angela Strambi, Bo Durbeej, Nicolas Ferre, Massimo Olivucci
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 107 21322-21326 (2010) 

Direct Electropolymerization of Poly(para-phenylene)vinylene Films on Si and Porous Si

T. Djenizian, B. Gelloz, F. Dumur, C. Chassigneux, L. Jin, N. Koshida
Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 157 H534-H539 (2010) 

Electropolymerization of Poly(para-phenylene)vinylene Films onto and Inside Porous Si layers of Different Types and Morphologies

B. Gelloz, R. Mentek, T. Djenizian, F. Dumur, L. Jin, N. Koshida
Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 157 D648-D655 (2010) 

Efficient Syntheses of Thiophenol Derivatives

Frederic Dumur, Valerie Roubaud, Eddy Dumas, Cedric R. Mayer
Synlett, 2477-2481 (2010) 

Tunable Optical Properties of Chromophores Derived from Oligo(p-phenylene vinylene)

Audrey Guerlin, Frederic Dumur, Eddy Dumas, Fabien Miomandre, Guillaume Wantz, Cedric R. Mayer
Organic Letters, 12 2382-2385 (2010) 

SG1 Nitroxide Analogues: a Comparative Study

Jessica Marchand, Laurent Autissier, Yohann Guillaneuf, Jean-Luc Couturier, Didier Gigmes, Denis Bertin
Australian Journal of Chemistry, 63 1237-1244 (2010) 

Combination of Transition Metal Carbonyls and Si lanes: New Photoinitiating Systems

Mohamad-Ali Tehfe, Jacques Lalevee, Didier Gigmes, Jean Pierre Fouassier
Journal of Polymer Science Part a-Polymer Chemistry, 48 1830-1837 (2010) 

A Step Towards High-Molecular-Weight Living/Controlled Polystyrene Using SG1-Mediated Polymerization

Muriel Lansalot, Yohann Guillaneuf, Benoit Luneau, Sebastien Acerbis, Pierre-Emmanuel Dufils, Anouk Gaudel-Siri, Didier Gigmes, Sylvain R. A. Marque, Paul Tordo, Denis Bertin
Macromolecular Reaction Engineering, 4 of (M) over bar (n) = 210 000 g.mol(-1) with a living fraction of 60%. Finally, new SG1-based nitroxides were used to perform the polymerization at 75 degrees C. Since these nitroxides were too constrained, the decrease in k(c) caused a loss of control and livingness for high-(M) over bar (n) polymers. (2010) 

Photodissociation Rate Constants of New Light Sensitive Alkoxyamines

Davy-Louis Versace, Jacques Lalevee, Jean-Pierre Fouassier, Yohann Guillaneuf, Denis Bertin, Didier Gigmes
Macromolecular Rapid Communications, 31 1383-1388 (2010) 

Chemically Induced Dynamic Nuclear Polarization during the Thermolysis of Alkoxyamines: A New Approach to Detect the Occurrence of H-Transfer Reactions

Maria Edeleva, Sylvain R. A. Marque, Denis Bertin, Didier Gigmes, Yohann Guillaneuf, Elena Bagryanskaya
Polymers, 2 364-377 (2010) 

New Initiating Systems for Thermal Cationic Polymerization at Ambient Temperature with in situ Formation of Ag(0) Nanoparticles: A Silane/Silver Salt Combination

Rachid Souane, Mohamad Ali Tehfe, Jacques Lalevee, Didier Gigmes, Jean Pierre Fouassier
Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics, 211 1441-1445 (2010) 

Importance of the Position of the Chromophore Group on the Dissociation Process of Light Sensitive Alkoxyamines

Yohann Guillaneuf, Davy-Louis Versace, Denis Bertin, Jacques Lalevee, Didier Gigmes, Jean-Pierre Fouassier
Macromolecular Rapid Communications, 31 1909-1913 (2010) 

Photosensitized Alkoxyamines as Bicomponent Radical Photoinitiators

Davy-Louis Versace, Jacques Lalevee, Jean-Pierre Fouassier, Didier Gigmes, Yohann Guillaneuf, Denis Bertin
Journal of Polymer Science Part a-Polymer Chemistry, 48 2910-2915 (2010) 

Tracking the fate of γ-aminopropyltriethoxysilane from the sol state to the dried film state

V. Roche, F. X. Perrin, D. Gigmes, F. Vacandio, F. Ziarelli, D. Bertin
Thin Solid Films, 518 3640-3645 (2010) 

Investigation by Combined Solid-State NMR and SAXS Methods of the Morphology and Domain Size in Polystyrene-b-Polyethylene Oxide-b-Polystyrene Triblock Copolymers

Fabio A. Bonk, Stefano Caldarelli, Trang Phan, Denis Bertin, Eduardo R. Deazevedo, Gerson Luiz Mantovani, Tito J. Bonagamba, Tomas S. Plivelic, Iris L. Torriani
Journal of Polymer Science Part B-Polymer Physics, 48 55-64 (2010) 

SG1-Functionalized Peptides as Precursors for Polymer−Peptide Conjugates: A Straightforward Approach

Thomas Trimaille, Kamel Mabrouk, Valérie Monnier, Laurence Charles, Denis Bertin, Didier Gigmes
Macromolecules, 43 4864-4870 (2010) 

Free-Standing Nanomaterials from Block Copolymer Self-Assembly

Damien Quémener, Guilhem Bonniol, Trang N. T. Phan, Didier Gigmes, Denis Bertin, André Deratani
Macromolecules, 43 5060-5065 (2010) 

Regiospecific synthesis of 6-aryl-3-cyano-5-alkylamino/arylamino-1-p-tolyl-1H-pyrazolo[4,3-d]pyrimi din-7(6H)-ones via iminophosphorane-mediated annulation

Ming-Hu Wu, Ji-Huan Hu, Dong-Sheng Shen, Paul Bremond, Haibing Guo
Tetrahedron, 66 5112-5120 (2010) 

Synthesis of Methylene- and Alkylidenecyclopropane Derivatives

Gerard Audran, Helene Pellissier
Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis, 352 575-608 (2010) 

Linear Free-Energy Relationships for the Alkyl Radical Affinities of Nitroxides: A Theoretical Study

Jennifer L. Hodgson, Ching Yeh Lin, Michelle L. Coote, Sylvain R. A. Marque, Krzysztof Matyjaszewski
Macromolecules, 43 3728-3743 (2010) 

Total Synthesis of (+)-Crocacin C Using Hidden Symmetry

Mathieu Candy, Gerard Audran, Hugue Bienayme, Cyril Bressy, Jean-Marc Pons
Journal of Organic Chemistry, 75 1354-1359 (2010) 

Polypropylene degradation: Theoretical and experimental investigations

Denis Bertin, Marie Leblanc, Sylvain R. A. Marque, Didier Siri
Polymer Degradation and Stability, 95 782-791 (2010) 

Diasteromeric Effect on the Homolysis of the C-ON Bond in Alkoxyamines: A DFT Investigation of 1,3-Diphenylbutyl-TEMPO

Alexandra Blachon, Sylvain R. A. Marque, Valerie Roubaud, Didier Siri
Polymers, 2 353-363 (2010) 

Photoenhanced degradation of veratraldehyde upon the heterogeneous ozone reactions

Sopheak Net, Sasho Gligorovski, Sylvia Pietri, Henri Wortham
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 12 7603-7611 (2010) 

Sedentary aging increases resting and exercise-induced intramuscular free radical formation

Damian M. Bailey, Jane McEneny, Odile Mathieu-Costello, Robert R. Henry, Philip E. James, Joe M. McCord, Sylvia Pietri, Ian S. Young, Russell S. Richardson
Journal of Applied Physiology, 109 449-456 (2010) 

Influence of Silver Nanoparticles on 2,3-Bis(Chloromethyl)Anthracene-1,4,9,10-Tetraone

Mahalingam Umadevi, N. A. Sridevi, A. S. Sharmila, Beulah J. M. Rajkumar, M. Briget Mary, P. Vanelle, T. Terme, O. Khoumeri
Journal of Fluorescence, 20 153-161 (2010) 

Original TDAE reactivity in benzoxa- and benzothiazolone series

Aida R. Nadji-Boukrouche, Omar Khoumeri, Thierry Terme, Messaoud Liacha, Patrice Vanelle
Arkivoc, 358-370 (2010) 

TDAE-assisted synthesis of new imidazo[2,1-b]thiazole derivatives as anti-infectious agents

Thierry Juspin, Michele Laget, Thierry Terme, Nadine Azas, Patrice Vanelle
European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 45 840-845 (2010) 

Original quinazoline derivatives displaying antiplasmodial properties

Youssef Kabri, Nadine Azas, Aurelien Dumetre, Sebastien Hutter, Michele Laget, Pierre Verhaeghe, Armand Gellis, Patrice Vanelle
European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 45 616-622 (2010) 

Dinitroxide-Type Biradical Compounds Optimized for Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (dnp)

Olivier Ouari, Hakim Karoui, Moigne Francois Le, Paul Tordo, Robert G. Griffin, Yoh Matsuki, Thorsten Maly,
, (2010) 

Straightforward Access to alpha-Methylamines through Cross-Metathesis

Florent Poulhes, Remy Sylvain, Patricia Perfetti, Michele P. Bertrand, Gerard Gil, Stephane Gastaldi,
Synthesis-Stuttgart, 1334-1338 (2010) 

Synthesis of tetrahydropyrans and related heterocycles via prins cyclization; extension to aza-prins cyclization

Clarisse Olier, Mustapha Kaafarani, Stephane Gastaldi, Michele P. Bertrand,
Tetrahedron, 66 413-445 (2010) 

A Flexible, Stereoselective Dimethylzinc-Mediated Radical-Anionic Cascade: Dramatic Influence of Additional Lewis Acids

Julien Maury, Laurence Feray, Patricia Perfetti, Michele P. Bertrand,
Organic Letters, 12 3590-3593 (2010) 

Ene-reaction between a dienolic compound and 2-methyl-2-nitrosopropane: an EPR-MS study

Mathilde Triquigneaux, Laurence Charles, Christiane Andre-Barres, Beatrice Tuccio,
Tetrahedron Letters, 51 6220-6223 (2010) 

Insights in Molecular Structure of Organosilicon Plasma Polymer Produced by Means of Atmospheric Pressure Dielectric Barrier Discharge Process

Jerome Bour, Laurence Charles, Julien Petersen, Marc Michel, Julien Bardon, David Ruch,
Plasma Processes and Polymers, 7 687-694 (2010) 

Synthesis of Poly(amino)ester Dendrimers via Active Cyanomethyl Ester Intermediates

Camille Bouillon, Aura Tintaru, Valerie Monnier, Laurence Charles, Gilles Quelever, Ling Peng,
Journal of Organic Chemistry, 75 8685-8688 (2010) 

Structural characterization of poly(amino)ester dendrimers and related impurities by electrospray tandem mass spectrometry

Aura Tintaru, Valerie Monnier, Camille Bouillon, Remi Giordanengo, Gilles Quelever, Ling Peng, Laurence Charles,
Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, 24 2207-2216 (2010) 

A study of the cesium cation bonding to carboxylate anions by the kinetic method and quantum chemical calculations

Charly Mayeux, Jean-Francois Gal, Laurence Charles, Lionel Massi, Pierre-Charles Maria, Jaana Tammiku-Taul, Ene-Liis Lohu, Peeter Burk,
Journal of Mass Spectrometry, 45 520-527 (2010) 

Distinction and Quantitation of Sugar Isomers in Ternary Mixtures Using the Kinetic Method

Thierry Fouquet, Laurence Charles,
Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry, 21 60-67 (2010) 

Methylation of acidic moieties in poly(methyl methacrylate-co-methacrylic acid) copolymers for end-group characterization by tandem mass spectrometry

Remi Giordanengo, Stephane Viel, Manuel Hidalgo, Beatrice Allard-Breton, Andre Thevand, Laurence Charles,
Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, 24 1941-1947 (2010) 

Combining EPR and ESI-MS/MS to study the reactivity of alkylthiols and cysteine towards 2-methyl-2-nitrosopropane (MNP)

Mathilde Triquigneaux, Beatrice Tuccio, Laurence Charles,
Analytical Methods, 2 694-700 (2010) 

Analytical Strategy for the Molecular Weight Determination of Random Copolymers of Poly(Methyl Methacrylate) and Poly(Methacrylic Acid)

Remi Giordanengo, Stephane Viel, Manuel Hidalgo, Beatrice Allard-Breton, Andre Thevand, Laurence Charles,
Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry, 21 1075-1085 (2010) 

CO2 Binding by Dynamic Combinatorial Chemistry: An Environmental Selection

Julien Leclaire, Guillaume Husson, Nathalie Devaux, Vincent Delorme, Laurence Charles, Fabio Ziarelli, Perrine Desbois, Alexandra Chaumonnot, Marc Jacquin, Frederic Fotiadu, Gerard Buono,
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 132 3582-3593 (2010) 

A combined spin trapping/EPR/mass spectrometry approach to study the formation of a cyclic peroxide by dienolic precursor autoxidation

Mathilde Triquigneaux, Laurence Charles, Christiane Andre-Barres, Beatrice Tuccio,
Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 8 1361-1367 (2010) 

Structural characterisation of degradation products formed upon di-n-butyl phthalate radiolysis by high-performance liquid chromatography electrospray tandem mass spectrometry

Aura Tintaru, Veronique Labed, Laurence Charles,
European Journal of Mass Spectrometry, 16 595-603 (2010) 

New insights into the antibacterial mechanism of action of squalamine

Kamel Alhanout, Soazig Malesinki, Nicolas Vidal, Vincent Peyrot, Jean Marc Rolain, Jean Michel Brunel,
Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, 65 1688-1693 (2010) 

Antioxidant activities and chemical composition of essential oil of Pistacia atlantica from Algeria

N. Gourine, M. Yousfi, I. Bombarda, B. Nadjemi, P. Stocker, E. M. Gaydou,
Industrial Crops and Products, 31 203-208 (2010) 

A comparison of three rapid and accurate bioluminescent antibiotic susceptibility tests

Mickael Lafond, Nicolas Vidal, Yves Letourneux, Jean Michel Brunel,
Journal of Pharmacological and Toxicological Methods, 61 16-19 (2010) 

On the Favorable Interaction of Metal Centered Radicals with Hydroperoxides for an Enhancement of the Photopolymerization Efficiency Under Air

Jacques Lalevée, Mohamad-Ali Tehfe, Didier Gigmes, Jean Pierre Fouassier,
Macromolecules, 43 6608-6615 (2010) 

Molecular Weight and Tacticity of Oligoacrylates by Capillary Electrophoresis-Mass Spectrometry

Marianne Gaborieau, Tim J. Causon, Yohann Guillaneuf, Emily F. Hilder, Patrice Castignolles,
Australian Journal of Chemistry, 63 1219-1226 (2010) 

“Wet-to-Dry” Conformational Transition of Polymer Layers Grafted to Nanoparticles in Nanocomposite

Chloé Chevigny, Jacques Jestin, Didier Gigmes, Ralf Schweins, Emanuela Di-Cola, Florent Dalmas, Denis Bertin, François Boué,
Macromolecules, 43 4833-4837 (2010) 

Radical Chain End Chemical Transformation of SG1-Based Polystyrenes

Yohann Guillaneuf, Pierre-Emmanuel Dufils, Laurent Autissier, Marion Rollet, Didier Gigmes, Denis Bertin,
Macromolecules, 43 91-100 (2010) 

Facile Synthesis of Innocuous Comb-Shaped Polymethacrylates with PEG Side Chains by Nitroxide-Mediated Radical Polymerization in Hydroalcoholic Solutions

Marion Chenal, Simona Mura, Cathie Marchal, Didier Gigmes, Bernadette Charleux, Elias Fattal, Patrick Couvreur, Julien Nicolas,
Macromolecules, 43 9291-9303 (2010) 

Green Chemistry: Sunlight-Induced Cationic Polymerization of Renewable Epoxy Monomers Under Air

Mohamad-Ali Tehfe, Jacques Lalevée, Didier Gigmes, Jean Pierre Fouassier,
Macromolecules, 43 1364-1370 (2010) 

Thiol-End-Functionalized Polyethylenes

Jérôme Mazzolini, Ilham Mokthari, Rémi Briquel, Olivier Boyron, Frédéric Delolme, Vincent Monteil, Denis Bertin, Didier Gigmes, Franck D’Agosto, Christophe Boisson,
Macromolecules, 43 7495-7503 (2010) 

Toward Nitroxide-Mediated Photopolymerization

Yohann Guillaneuf, Denis Bertin, Didier Gigmes, Davy-Louis Versace, Jacques Lalevée, Jean-Pierre Fouassier,
Macromolecules, 43 2204-2212 (2010) 

Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy of Oriented Membrane Polypeptides at 100 K with Signal Enhancement by Dynamic Nuclear Polarization

Evgeniy Salnikov, Melanie Rosay, Shane Pawsey, Olivier Ouari, Paul Tordo, Burkhard Bechinger,
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 132 5940-+ (2010) 

Scavenging Free Radicals To Preserve Enhancement and Extend Relaxation Times in NMR using Dynamic Nuclear Polarization

Pascal Mieville, Puneet Ahuja, Riddhiman Sarkar, Sami Jannin, Paul R. Vasos, Sandrine Gerber-Lemaire, Mor Mishkovsky, Arnaud Comment, Rolf Gruetter, Olivier Ouari, Paul Tordo, Geoffrey Bodenhausen,
Angewandte Chemie-International Edition, 49 6182-6185 (2010) 

Structure and Spectromagnetic Properties of the Superoxide Radical Adduct of DMPO in Water: Elucidation by Theoretical Investigations

Celine Houriez, Nicolas Ferre, Didier Siri, Paul Tordo, Michel Masella,
Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 114 11793-11803 (2010) 

EPR Characterization of a Rigid Bis-TEMPO-Bis-Ketal for Dynamic Nuclear Polarization

Marat Gafurov, Sevdalina Lyubenova, Vasyl Denysenkov, Olivier Ouari, Hakim Karoui, Francois Le Moigne, Paul Tordo, Thomas Prisner,
Applied Magnetic Resonance, 37 505-514 (2010) 

Properties of dinitroxides for use in dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP)

Cedric Ysacco, Egon Rizzato, Marie-Alice Virolleaud, Hakim Karoui, Antal Rockenbauer, Francois Le Moigne, Didier Siri, Olivier Ouari, Robert G. Griffin, Paul Tordo,
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 12 5841-5845 (2010) 

C-2 molecule: formation from bromoacetylene and reactions with cyclohexene or 2,3-dimethyl-2-butene

Nicolas Galy, Henri Doucet, Maurice Santelli,
Tetrahedron Letters, 51 695-697 (2010) 

A new-generation 5-nitroimidazole can induce highly metronidazole-resistant Giardia lamblia in vitro

Linda A. Dunn, Anita G. Burgess, Kenia G. Krauer, Lars Eckmann, Patrice Vanelle, Maxime D. Crozet, Frances D. Gillin, Peter Upcroft, Jacqueline A. Upcroft,
International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents, 36 37-42 (2010) 

Safety Review: Squalene and Thimerosal in Vaccines

Marc Montana, Pierre Verhaeghe, Caroline Ducros, Thierry Terme, Patrice Vanelle, Pascal Rathelot,
Therapie, 65 533-541 (2010) 

Pyridine-Based Heterocycles. Synthesis of New Pyrido [4 ',3 ':4,5]thieno[2,3-d]pyrimidines and Related Heterocycles

Hussein El-Kashef, Abdel-Rahman Farghaly, Ahmed Al-Hazmi, Thierry Terme, Patrice Vanelle,
Molecules, 15 2651-2666 (2010) 

First TDAE-Mediated Double Addition of Nitrobenzylic Anions to Aromatic Dialdehydes

Thierry Juspin, Gamal Giuglio-Tonolo, Thierry Terme, Patrice Vanelle,
Synthesis-Stuttgart, 844-848 (2010) 

Synthesis and evaluation of original amidoximes as antileishmanial agents

Ahlem Bouhlel, Christophe Curti, Aurelien Dumetre, Michele Laget, Maxime D. Crozet, Nadine Azas, Patrice Vanelle,
Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry, 18 7310-7320 (2010) 

Regioselective Suzuki-Miyaura Reaction: Application to the Microwave-promoted Synthesis of 4,7-Diarylquinazolines

Youssef Kabri, Pierre Verhaeghe, Armand Gellis, Patrice Vanelle,
Molecules, 15 2949-2961 (2010) 

Access to Original Vinylic Chlorides in the Quinazoline Series via a Monoelectronic Transfer Reaction Approach

Martine Maillard-Boyer, Caroline Castera-Ducros, Pierre Verhaeghe, France Sifredi, Pascal Rathelot, Patrice Vanelle,
Molecules, 15 2719-2729 (2010) 

TDAE-Initiated Synthesis of Oxiranes in Heterocyclic Series: Reaction of 2-(Dibromomethyl)quinoxaline with alpha-Dicarbonyl Derivatives

Marc Montana, Thierry Terme, Patrice Vanelle,
Letters in Organic Chemistry, 7 453-456 (2010) 

The ozone layer discovery: a Marseilles story ...

Maurice Santelli,
Actualite Chimique, 36-37 (2010) 

Enantio-differentiating reactions of a racemic gamma-lactone enolate with chiral esters. A DFT investigation

Delphine Moraleda, Maurice Santelli,
Journal of Physical Organic Chemistry, 23 759-767 (2010) 

Unusual reactivity of bicyclo[2.2.1]heptene derivatives during the ozonolysis. Part 2

Celine Reynaud, Michel Giorgi, Henri Doucet, Maurice Santelli,
Tetrahedron, 66 4101-4108 (2010) 

Regioselective metathesis reactions of various polyunsaturated ketones and alcohols

Chahinez Aouf, Nicolas Galy, Henri Doucet, Maurice Santelli,
Applied Organometallic Chemistry, 24 794-797 (2010) 

Synthesis of Spherical Polyols from Itaconic Acid

Celine Reynaud, Henri Doucet, Maurice Santelli,
Synthesis-Stuttgart, 1787-1792 (2010) 

Stereoselective Synthesis of Substituted 3a-Hydroxy Diquinanones and 3a-Hydroxy Hydrindanones via Intramolecular Cycloaddition of Nitrile Oxides

Anne-Sophie Chapelon, Michel Giorgi, Cyril Ollivier, Maurice Santelli,
Synthetic Communications, 40 87-103 (2010) 

Palladium-Catalyzed Direct Arylation of Pyrazole Derivatives: A Green Access to 4-Arylpyrazoles

Yacoub Fall, Henri Doucet, Maurice Santelli,
Synthesis-Stuttgart, 127-135 (2010) 

Arylation of alkenylidenecyclopropanes via Heck reaction. A simple access to arylallylidenecyclopropanes

Yacoub Fall, Henri Doucet, Maurice Santelli,
Tetrahedron, 66 2181-2188 (2010) 

Relative stability of a series of 1,2,3-triazolines. Theoretical study of substituent effects

Mohammed Hamadouche, Anouk Gaudel-Siri, Jean-Marc Pons, Douniazad El Abed,
Journal of Molecular Structure-Theochem, 956 33-37 (2010) 

Expeditious synthesis and biological evaluation of new C-61,2,3-triazole adenosine derivatives A1 receptor antagonists or agonists

Smitha C. Mathew, Youlet By, Aurelie Berthault, Marie-Alice Virolleaud, Louis Carrega, Gaelle Chouraqui, Laurent Commeiras, Jocelyne Condo, Mireille Attolini, Anouk Gaudel-Siri, Jean Ruf, Jean Rodriguez, Jean-Luc Parrain, Regis Guieu,
Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 8 3874-3881 (2010) 

Ring-Rearrangement Metathesis (RRM) Mediated by Ruthenium-Indenylidene Complexes

Herve Clavier, Julie Broggi, Steven P. Nolan,
European Journal of Organic Chemistry, 937-943 (2010) 

Dispersion nitroxide mediated polymerization of methyl methacrylate in supercritical carbon dioxide using in situ formed stabilizers

Bruno Grignard, Trang Phan, Denis Bertin, Didier Gigmes, Christine Jérôme, Christophe Detrembleur,
Polymer Chemistry, 1 837-840 (2010)