Publications : 2017

New Amino-Acid-Based beta-Phosphorylated Nitroxides for Probing Acidic pH in Biological Systems by EPR Spectroscopy

Sophie Thetiot-Laurent, Gaelle Gosset, Jean-Louis Clement, Mathieu Cassien, Anne Mercier, Didier Siri, Anouk Gaudel-Siri, Antal Rockenbauer, Marcel Culcasi, Sylvia Pietri
Chembiochem, 18 300–315 (2017) 

Peptide screen identifies a new NADPH oxidase inhibitor: impact on cell migration and invasion

Mohamed Mousslim, Alessandra Pagano, Nicolas Andreotti, Francoise Garrouste, Sylvie Thuault, Vincent Peyrot, Fabrice Parat, Jose Luis, Marcel Culcasi, Sophie Thetiot-Laurent, Sylvia Pietri, Jean-Marc Sabatier, Herve Kovacic
European Journal of Pharmacology, 794 162–172 (2017) 

Antidiabetic, antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties of water and n-butanol soluble extracts from Saharian Anvillea radiata in high-fat-diet fed mice

Chouaib Kandouli, Mathieu Cassien, Anne Mercier, Caroline Delehedde, Emilie Ricquebourg, Pierre Stocker, Mourad Mekaouche, Zineb Leulmi, Aicha Mechakra, Sophie Thetiot-Laurent, Marcel Culcasi, Sylvia Pietri
Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 207 251–267 (2017) 

Comment on trans-1,2-Disiloxybenzocyclobutene, an adequate partner for the auto-oxidation: EPR/spin trapping and theoretical studies‴ by H.-G. Korth, P. Mulder and T. Paul, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2017, 19, C6CP04187F Reply

Yannick Carissan, Paola Nava, Beatrice Tuccio, Laurent Commeiras, Jean-Luc Parrain
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 19 3409–3413 (2017) 

A fluorescent homogeneous assay for myeloperoxidase measurement in biological samples. A positive correlation between myeloperoxidase-generated HOCl level and oxidative status in STZ-diabetic rats

Pierre Stocker, Mathieu Cassien, Nicolas Vidal, Sophie Thetiot-Laurent, Sylvia Pietri
Talanta, 170 119–127 (2017) 

alpha-Phenyl-N-cyclohexyl Nitrones: Preparation and Use as Spin-Traps

Gregory Durand, Marie Rosselin, Pierre-Andre Klein, Kamal Zeamari, Fanny Choteau, Beatrice Tuccio
Journal of Organic Chemistry, 82 135–142 (2017) 

Generation of the SCF3 Radical by Photoredox Catalysis: Intra- and Intermolecular Carbotrifluoromethylthiolation of Alkenes

Guillaume Dagousset, Cedric Simon, Elsa Anselmi, Beatrice Tuccio, Thierry Billard, Emmanuel Magnier
Chemistry-a European Journal, 23 4282–4286 (2017) 

Theoretical Studies of Autoxidation of 2-Alkylidene-1,3-cyclohexadione Leading to Bicyclic-Hemiketal Endoperoxides

Christiane Andre-Barres, Yannick Carissan, Beatrice Tuccio
Acs Omega, 2 5357–5363 (2017) 

Study of methane and carbon dioxide adsorption capacity by synthetic nanoporous carbon based on pyrogallol-formaldehyde

W. Djeridi, N. Ben Mansour, A. Ouederni, P. L. Llewellyn, L. El Mir
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 42 8905–8913 (2017) 

N, N. N ', N '-tetramethylhydroethidine (TMHE) - in search for better probes for the detection of superoxide radical anion

Adam Sikora, Radoslaw Michalski, Micael Hardy, Olivier Ouari, Jan Adamus, Andrzej Marcinek, Jacek Zielonka, Balaraman Kalyanaraman
Free Radical Biology and Medicine, 108 S38–S38 (2017) 

Modified Metformin as a More Potent Anticancer Drug: Mitochondrial Inhibition, Redox Signaling, Antiproliferative Effects and Future EPR Studies

Balaraman Kalyanaraman, Gang Cheng, Micael Hardy, Olivier Ouari, Adam Sikora, Jacek Zielonka, Michael B. Dwinell
Cell Biochemistry and Biophysics, 75 311–317 (2017) 

Mn(OAc)(3) catalyzed intermolecular oxidative peroxycyclization of naphthoquinone

Alex Meye Biyogo, Christophe Curti, Hussein El-Kashef, Omar Khoumeri, Thierry Terme, Patrice Vanelle
Rsc Advances, 7 106–111 (2017) 

Discovery of new hit-molecules targeting Plasmodium falciparum through a global SAR study of the 4-substituted-2-trichloromethylquinazoline antiplasmodial scaffold

Justine Desroches, Charline Kieffer, Nicolas Primas, Sebastien Hutter, Armand Gellis, Hussein El-Kashef, Pascal Rathelot, Pierre Verhaeghe, Nadine Azas, Patrice Vanelle
European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 125 68–86 (2017) 

Efficient Access to Original 6-Substituted 5-Nitro-2,3-dihydroimidazo-[2,1-b]oxazoles

Fanny Mathias, Youssef Kabri, Maxime D. Crozet, Patrice Vanelle
Synthesis-Stuttgart, 49 2775–2785 (2017) 

Evaluation of Spin-Orbit Couplings with Linear-Response Time-Dependent Density Functional Methods

Xing Gao, Shuming Bai, Daniele Fazzi, Thomas Niehaus, Mario Barbatti, Walter Thiel
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, 13 515–524 (2017) 

Tailoring the Schiff base photoswitching - a non-adiabatic molecular dynamics study of substituent effect on excited state proton transfer

Joanna Jankowska, Mario Barbatti, Joanna Sadlej, Andrzej L. Sobolewski
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 19 5318–5325 (2017) 

The photophysics of naphthalene dimers controlled by sulfur bridge oxidation

Claudia Climent, Mario Barbatti, Michael O. Wolf, Christopher J. Bardeen, David Casanova
Chemical Science, 8 4941–4950 (2017) 

Metal-Free Regiodivergent Addition of Carbon Nucleophiles to alpha,beta-Unsaturated Electrophiles

Cedric Spitz, Alain G. Giuglio-Tonolo, Thierry Terme, Patrice Vanelle
Molecules, 22 1178 (2017) 

Easy and efficient selenocyanation of imidazoheterocycles using triselenodicyanide

Sebastien Redon, Anne Roly, Obah Kosso, Julie Broggi, Patrice Vanelle
Tetrahedron Letters, 58 2771–2773 (2017) 

An Efficient One-Pot Catalyzed Synthesis of 2,4-Disubstituted 5-Nitroimidazoles Displaying Antiparasitic and Antibacterial Activities

Fanny Mathias, Youssef Kabri, Liliane Okdah, Carole Di Giorgio, Jean-Marc Rolain, Cedric Spitz, Maxime D. Crozet, Patrice Vanelle
Molecules, 22 1278 (2017) 

Heterocyclic pharmacochemistry of new rhinovirus antiviral agents: A combined computational and experimental study

Laurene Da Costa, Els Scheers, Antonio Coluccia, Alessia Rosetti, Manon Roche, Johan Neyts, Thierry Terme, Roberto Cirilli, Carmen Mirabelli, Romano Silvestri, Patrice Vanelle
European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 140 528–541 (2017) 

Stability studies of five anti-infectious eye drops under exhaustive storage conditions

C. Curti, E. Lamy, N. Primas, C. Fersing, C. Jean, P. Bertault-Peres, P. Vanelle
Pharmazie, 72 741–746 (2017) 

On the decay of the triplet state of thionucleobases

Shuming Bai, Mario Barbatti
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 19 12674–12682 (2017) 

A three-state model for the photo-Fries rearrangement

Josene M. Toldo, Mario Barbatti, Paulo F. B. Goncalves
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 19 19103–19108 (2017) 

Divide-to-Conquer: A Kinetic Model for Singlet Oxygen Photosensitization

Shuming Bai, Mario Barbatti
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, 13 5528–5538 (2017) 

Hot and Cold Charge-Transfer Mechanisms in Organic Photovoltaics: Insights into the Excited States of Donor/Acceptor Interfaces

Daniele Fazzi, Mario Barbatti, Walter Thiel
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 8 4727–4734 (2017) 

Spatial Factors for Triplet Fusion Reaction of Singlet Oxygen Photosensitization

Shuming Bai, Mario Barbatti
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 8 5456–5460 (2017) 

Nonadiabatic Dynamics of Cycloparaphenylenes with TD-DFTB Surface Hopping

Ljiljana Stojanovic, Saadullah G. Aziz, Rifaat H. Hilal, Felix Plasser, Thomas A. Niehaus, Mario Barbatti
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, 13 5846–5860 (2017) 

What Are the Physical Contents of Hubbard and Heisenberg Hamiltonian Interactions Extracted from Broken Symmetry DFT Calculations in Magnetic Compounds?

Gregoire David, Nathalie Guillery, Nicolas Ferre
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, 13 6253–6265 (2017) 

Frozen Acrylamide Gels as Dynamic Nuclear Polarization Matrices

Jasmine Viger-Gravel, Pierrick Berruyer, David Gajan, Jean-Marie Basset, Anne Lesage, Paul Tordo, Olivier Ouari, Lyndon Emsley
Angewandte Chemie-International Edition, 56 8726–8730 (2017) 

Dynamic Nuclear Polarization Efficiency Increased by Very Fast Magic Angle Spinning

Sachin R. Chaudhari, Dorothea Wisser, Arthur C. Pinon, Pierrick Berruyer, David Gajan, Paul Tordo, Olivier Ouari, Christian Reiter, Frank Engelke, Christophe Coperet, Moreno Lelli, Anne Lesage, Lyndon Emsley
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 139 10609–10612 (2017) 

Mitochondria-Targeted Triphenylphosphonium-Based Compounds: Syntheses, Mechanisms of Action, and Therapeutic and Diagnostic Applications

Jacek Zielonka, Joy Joseph, Adam Sikora, Micael Hardy, Olivier Ouari, Jeannette Vasquez-Vivar, Gang Cheng, Marcos Lopez, Balaraman Kalyanaraman
Chemical Reviews, 117 10043–10120 (2017) 

Alleviation of Hepatotoxicity of Arecoline (Areca Alkaloid) by a Synthetic Receptor

Shengke Li, Xue Yang, Yanan Niu, Greg L. Andrew, David Bardelang, Xiuping Chen, Ruibing Wang
Chemistryselect, 2 2219–2223 (2017) 

Computation of the Isotropic Hyperfine Coupling Constant: Efficiency and Insights from a New Approach Based on Wave Function Theory

Emmanuel Giner, Lorenzo Tenti, Celestino Angeli, Nicolas Ferre
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, 13 475–487 (2017) 

pH-Dependent absorption spectrum of a protein: a minimal electrostatic model of Anabaena sensory rhodopsin

Michael Stenrup, Elisa Pieri, Vincent Ledentu, Nicolas Ferre
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 19 14073–14084 (2017) 

An Average Solvent Electrostatic Configuration Protocol for QM/MM Free Energy Optimization: Implementation and Application to Rhodopsin Systems

Yoelvis Orozco-Gonzalez, Madushanka Manathunga, Maria del Carmen Marin, Damianos Agathangelou, Kwang-Hwan Jung, Federico Melaccio, Nicolas Ferre, Stefan Haacke, Kaline Coutinho, Sylvio Canuto, Massimo Olivucci
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, 13 6391–6404 (2017) 

Recent developments in detection of superoxide radical anion and hydrogen peroxide: Opportunities, challenges, and implications in redox signaling

Balaraman Kalyanaraman, Micael Hardy, Radoslaw Podsiadly, Gang Cheng, Jacek Zielonka
Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics, 617 38–47 (2017) 

Dendritic polarizing agents for DNP SENS

Wei-Chih Liao, Ta-Chung Ong, David Gajan, Florian Bernada, Claire Sauvee, Maxim Yulikov, Margherita Pucino, Roman Schowner, Martin Schwarzwalder, Michael R. Buchmeiser, Gunnar Jeschke, Paul Tordo, Olivier Ouari, Anne Lesage, Lyndon Emsley, Christophe Coperet
Chemical Science, 8 416–422 (2017) 

Mitochondria-targeted metformins: anti-tumour and redox signalling mechanisms

Balaraman Kalyanaraman, Gang Cheng, Micael Hardy, Olivier Ouari, Adam Sikora, Jacek Zielonka, Michael Dwinell
Interface Focus, 7 20160109 (2017) 

Fluorescence enhancement and pK(a) shift of a rho kinase inhibitor by a synthetic receptor

Hang Yin, Linmin Chen, Binrui Yang, David Bardelang, Chunming Wang, Simon M. Y. Lee, Ruibing Wang
Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 15 4336–4343 (2017) 

Concealing the taste of the Guinness World's most bitter substance by using a synthetic nanocontainer

Xue Yang, Shengke Li, Qing-Wen Zhang, Ying Zheng, David Bardelang, Lian-Hui Wang, Ruibing Wang
Nanoscale, 9 10606–10609 (2017) 

Supramolecular formulation of nitidine chloride can alleviate its hepatotoxicity and improve its anticancer activity

Wanying Li, Hang Yin, David Bardelang, Jianbo Xiao, Ying Zheng, Ruibing Wang
Food and Chemical Toxicology, 109 923–929 (2017) 

Comparative Study of Toxicity of Alkoxyamines In Vitro and In Vivo

N. A. Popova, G. M. Sysoeva, V. P. Nikolin, V. I. Kaledin, E. V. Tretyakov, M. V. Edeeva, S. M. Balakhnin, E. L. Lushnikova, G. Audran, S. Mark
Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine, 164 49–53 (2017) 

beta-Phosphorus Hyperfine Coupling Constant in Nitroxides: Conformational Effects in 6-Membered Ring Nitroxides

Lionel Bosco, Teddy Butscher, Sylvain R. A. Marque
Applied Magnetic Resonance, 48 379–406 (2017) 

Normal, Leveled, and Enhanced Steric Effects in Alkoxyamines Carrying a beta-Phosphorylated Nitroxyl Fragment

Gerard Audran, Raphael Bikanga, Paul Bremond, Jean-Patrick Joly, Sylvain R. A. Marque, Paulin Nkolo
Journal of Organic Chemistry, 82 5702–5709 (2017) 

Hyperfine coupling constants of beta-phosphorylated nitroxides: Subtle interplay between steric strain, hyperconjugation, and dipole-dipole interactions

Paulin Nkolo, Gerard Audran, Paul Bremond, Raphael Bikanga, Sylvain R. A. Marque, Valerie Roubaud
Tetrahedron, 73 3188–3201 (2017) 

C-ON bond homolysis of alkoxyamines: when too high polarity is detrimental

Paulin Nkolo, Gerard Audran, Raphael Bikanga, Paul Bremond, Sylvain R. A. Marque, Valerie Roubaud
Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 15 6167–6176 (2017) 

Impact of gamma-irradiation, ageing and their interactions on multilayer films followed by AComDim

Fanny Gaston, Nathalie Dupuy, Sylvain R. A. Marque, Magali Barbaroux, Samuel Dorey
Analytica Chimica Acta, 981 11–23 (2017) 

How intramolecular hydrogen bonding (IHB) controls the C-ON bond homolysis in alkoxyamines

Gerard Audran, Raphael Bikanga, Paul Bremond, Mariya Edeleva, Jean-Patrick Joly, Sylvain R. A. Marque, Paulin Nkolo, Valerie Roubaud
Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 15 8425–8439 (2017) 

Supramolecular alleviation of cardiotoxicity of a small-molecule kinase inhibitor

Xue Yang, Qiaoxian Huang, David Bardelang, Chunming Wang, Simon M. Y. Lee, Ruibing Wang
Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 15 8046–8053 (2017) 

Cycloaddition of sulfonyl azides and cyanogen azide to enamines. Quantum-chemical calculations concerning the spontaneous rearrangement of the adduct into ring-contracted amidines

Gerard Audran, Chiaa Adiche, Paul Bremond, Douniazad El Abed, Mohammed Hamadouche, Didier Siri, Maurice Santelli
Tetrahedron Letters, 58 945–948 (2017) 

Dual-initiator alkoxyamines with an N-tert-butyl-N-(1-diethylphosphono-2,2-dimethylpropyl)nitroxide moiety for preparation of block co-polymers

Gerard Audran, Elena Bagryanskaya, Mariya Edeleva, Sylvain R. A. Marque, Toshihide Yamasaki
Rsc Advances, 7 4993–5001 (2017) 

Zinc(II) Hexafluoroacetylacetonate Complexes of Alkoxyamines: NMR and Kinetic Investigations. First Step for a New Way to Prepare Hybrid Materials

Gerard Audran, Elena Bagryanskaya, Irina Bagryanskaya, Mariya Edeleva, Sylvain R. A. Marque, Dmitriy Parkhomenko, Evgeny Tretyakov, Svetlana Zhivetyeva
Chemistryselect, 2 3584–3593 (2017) 

Dual-initiator alkoxyamines with an N-tert-butyl-N-(1-diethylphosphono-2,2-dimethylpropyl) nitroxide moiety for preparation of block co-polymers (vol 7, pg 4993, 2017)

Gerard Audran, Elena Bagryanskaya, Mariya Edeleva, Sylvain R. A. Marque, Toshihide Yamasaki
Rsc Advances, 7 25891–25891 (2017) 

Theoretical investigations on the conversions of cyclic polysulfides to acyclic polysulfide diradicals and subsequent reactions of biological interest

Gerard Audran, Paul Bremond, Sylvain R. A. Marque, Maurice Santelli
Tetrahedron, 73 3492–3496 (2017) 

Orthogonal Tyrosine and Cysteine Site-Directed Spin Labeling for Dipolar Pulse EPR Spectroscopy on Proteins

Christoph Gmeiner, Daniel Klose, Elisabetta Mileo, Valerie Belle, Sylvain R. A. Marque, Georg Dorn, Frederic H. T. Allain, Bruno Guigliarelli, Gunnar Jeschke, Maxim Yulikov
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 8 4852–4857 (2017) 

Diazene-Functionalized Lamellar Materials as Nanobuilding Blocks: Application as Light-Sensitive Fillers to Initiate Radical Photopolymerizations

Cyrielle Dol, Francois Vibert, Michele P. Bertrand, Jacques Lalevee, Stephane Gastaldi, Eric Besson
Acs Macro Letters, 6 117–120 (2017) 

Investigating Unusual Organic Functional Groups to Engineer the Surface Chemistry of Mesoporous Silica to Tune CO2-Surface Interactions

Emily Bloch, Eric Besson, Severine Queyroy, Richard Llewellyn, Stephane Gastaldi, Philip L. Llewellyn
Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces, 9 14490–14496 (2017) 

Evidence for the contribution of degenerate hydrogen atom transport to the persistence of sulfanyl radicals anchored to nanostructured hybrid materials

Francois Vibert, Emily Bloch, Michele P. Bertrand, Severine Queyroy, Stephane Gastaldi, Eric Besson
New Journal of Chemistry, 41 6678–6684 (2017) 

Dynamic Nuclear Polarization NMR as a new tool to investigate the nature of organic compounds occluded in plant silica particles

Armand Masion, Anne Alexandre, Fabio Ziarelli, Stephane Viel, Guaciara M. Santos
Scientific Reports, 7 3430 (2017) 

Synthesis and properties of a series of beta-cyclodextrin/nitrone spin traps for improved superoxide detection

Florent Poulhes, Egon Rizzato, Patrick Bernasconi, Roselyne Rosas, Stephane Viel, Laszlo Jicsinszky, Antal Rockenbauer, David Bardelang, Didier Siri, Anouk Gaudel-Siri, Hakim Karoui, Micael Hardy, Olivier Ouari
Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 15 6358–6366 (2017) 

A Simple Post-Polymerization Modification Method for Controlling Side-Chain Information in Digital Polymers

Niklas Felix Konig, Abdelaziz Al Ouahabi, Salome Poyer, Laurence Charles, Jean-Francois Lutz
Angewandte Chemie-International Edition, 56 7297–7301 (2017) 

Beyond the color: A structural insight to eosin-based lakes

Chiara Anselmi, Donatella Capitani, Aura Tintaru, Brenda Doherty, Antonio Sgamellotti, Costanza Miliani
Dyes and Pigments, 140 297–311 (2017) 

New advances in the volatile metabolites of Frullania tamarisci

Anais Pannequin, Aura Tintaru, Jean-Marie Desjobert, Jean Costa, Alain Muselli
Flavour and Fragrance Journal, 32 409–418 (2017) 

MS/MS-Assisted Design of Sequence-Controlled Synthetic Polymers for Improved Reading of Encoded Information

Laurence Charles, Gianni Cavallo, Valerie Monnier, Laurence Oswald, Roza Szweda, Jean-Francois Lutz
Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry, 28 1149–1159 (2017) 

Synthesis of oligoarylacetylenes with defined conjugated sequences using tailor-made soluble polymer supports

Roza Szweda, Christophe Chendo, Laurence Charles, Paul N. W. Baxter, Jean-Francois Lutz
Chemical Communications, 53 8312–8315 (2017) 

MS-DECODER: Milliseconds Sequencing of Coded Polymers

Alexandre Burel, Christine Carapito, Jean-Francois Lutz, Laurence Charles
Macromolecules, 50 8290–8296 (2017) 

Photocontrolled Synthesis of Abiotic Sequence-Defined Oligo(Phosphodiester)s

Niklas Felix Konig, Sofia Telitel, Salome Poyer, Laurence Charles, Jean-Francois Lutz
Macromolecular Rapid Communications, 38 1700651 (2017) 

2D Sequence-Coded Oligourethane Barcodes for Plastic Materials Labeling

Denise Karamessini, Salome Poyer, Laurence Charles, Jean-Francois Lutz
Macromolecular Rapid Communications, 38 1700426 (2017) 

Stromal fibroblasts present in breast carcinomas promote tumor growth and angiogenesis through adrenomedullin secretion

Zohra Benyahia, Nadege Dussault, Mylene Cayol, Romain Sigaud, Caroline Berenguer-Daize, Christine Delfino, Asma Tounsi, Stephane Garcia, Pierre-Marie Martin, Kamel Mabrouk, L'Houcine Ouafik
Oncotarget, 8 15744–15762 (2017) 

Electrodeposition of polymer electrolyte in nanostructured electrodes for enhanced electrochemical performance of thin-film Li-ion microbatteries

Girish D. Salian, Chrystelle Lebouin, A. Demoulin, M. S. Lepihin, S. Maria, A. K. Galeyeva, A. P. Kurbatov, Thierry Djenizian
Journal of Power Sources, 340 242–246 (2017) 

Design of novel photobase generators upon violet LEDs and use in photopolymerization reactions

Mariem Bouzrati-Zerelli, Michel Frigoli, Frederic Dumur, Bernadette Graff, Jean Pierre Fouassier, Jacques Lalevee
Polymer, 124 151–156 (2017) 

Sequence-coded ATRP macroinitiators

Sofia Telitel, Benoit Eric Petit, Salome Poyer, Laurence Charles, Jean-Francois Lutz
Polymer Chemistry, 8 4988–4991 (2017) 

Alkylperoxyl spin adducts of pyrroline-N-oxide spin traps: Experimental and theoretical CASSCF study of the unimolecular decomposition in organic solvent, potential applications in water

Sergiu Lescic, Hakim Karoui, Micael Hardy, Laurence Charles, Paul Tordo, Olivier Ouari, Anouk Gaudel-Siri, Didier Siri
Journal of Physical Organic Chemistry, 30 e3677 (2017) 

Mass spectrometry sequencing of long digital polymers facilitated by programmed inter-byte fragmentation

Abdelaziz Al Ouahabi, Jean-Arthur Amalian, Laurence Charles, Jean-Francois Lutz
Nature Communications, 8 967 (2017) 

Controlling the structure of sequence-defined polytextlessboldtextgreater(textless/boldtextgreaterphosphodiester)s for optimal MS/MS reading of digital information

J.-A. Amalian, A. Al Ouahabi, G. Cavallo, N. F. Konig, S. Poyer, J.-F. Lutz, L. Charles
Journal of Mass Spectrometry, 52 788–798 (2017) 

New approach to design solid block copolymer electrolytes for 40 degrees C lithium metal battery operation

A. Lassagne, E. Beaudoin, A. Ferrand, T. N. T. Phan, P. Davidson, C. Iojoiu, R. Bouchet
Electrochimica Acta, 238 21–29 (2017) 

Copper-catalyzed steroid reactions

Malika Ibrahim-Ouali, Frederic Dumur
Arkivoc, 202–256 (2017) 

Zinc Tetraphenylporphyrin as High Performance Visible Light Photoinitiator of Cationic Photosensitive Resins for LED Projector 3D Printing Applications

Assi Al Mousawi, Cyril Poriel, Frederic Dumur, Joumana Toufaily, Tayssir Hamieh, Jean Pierre Fouassier, Jacques Lalevee
Macromolecules, 50 746–753 (2017) 

Chiral Fidelity in the Diastereoselective and Enantiospecific Synthesis of Indenes from Axially Chiral Benzylidene Cyclanes

Dominique Mouysset, Cyril Tessonnier, Aura Tintaru, Frederic Dumur, Marion Jean, Nicolas Vanthuyne, Michele P. Bertrand, Didier Siri, Malek Nechab
Chemistry-a European Journal, 23 8375–8379 (2017) 

The Electrochemical Behavior of SnSb as an Anode for Li-ion Batteries Studied by Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy and Electron Microscopy

Alexander T. Tesfaye, Yasemin D. Yucel, Maissa K. S. Barr, Lionel Santinacci, Florence Vacandio, Frederic Dumur, Sebastien Maria, Laure Monconduit, Thierry Djenizian
Electrochimica Acta, 256 155–161 (2017) 

A comprehensive kinetic study of the conventional free-radical polymerization of seven-membered cyclic ketene acetals

Antoine Tardy, Jean-Claude Honore, Didier Siri, Julien Nicolas, Didier Gigmes, Catherine Lefay, Yohann Guillaneuf
Polymer Chemistry, 8 5139–5147 (2017) 

Chameleonic Dye Adapts to Various Environments Shining on Macrocycles or Peptide and Polysaccharide Aggregates

Hang Yin, Frederic Dumur, Yiming Niu, Mehmet M. Ayhan, Olivier Grauby, Wei Liu, Chunming Wang, Didier Siri, Roselyne Rosas, Alain Tonetto, Didier Gigmes, Ruibing Wang, David Bardelang, Olivier Ouari
Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces, 9 33220–33228 (2017) 

A post-polymerization functionalization strategy for the synthesis of sulfonyl (trifluoromethanesulfonyl)imide functionalized (co)polymers

Hien The Ho, Aura Tintaru, Marion Rollet, Didier Gigmes, Trang N. T. Phan
Polymer Chemistry, 8 5660–5665 (2017) 

Mechanosynthesized copper(I) complex based initiating systems for redox polymerization: towards upgraded oxidizing and reducing agents

P. Garra, F. Dumur, A. Al Mousawi, B. Graff, D. Gigmes, F. Morlet-Savary, C. Dietlin, J. P. Fouassier, J. Lalevee
Polymer Chemistry, 8 5884–5896 (2017) 

Mechanosynthesis of a Copper Complex for Redox Initiating Systems with a Unique Near Infrared Light Activation

P. Garra, F. Dumur, F. Morlet-Savary, C. Dietlin, D. Gigmes, J. P. Fouassier, J. Lalevee
Journal of Polymer Science Part a-Polymer Chemistry, 55 3646–3655 (2017) 

New copper(I) complex based initiating systems in redox polymerization and comparison with the amine/benzoyl peroxide reference

P. Garra, A. Kermagoret, A. Al Mousawi, F. Dumur, D. Gigmes, F. Morlet-Savary, C. Dietlin, J. P. Fouassier, J. Lalevee
Polymer Chemistry, 8 4088–4097 (2017) 

Structural Effects in the Iridium Complex Series: Photoredox Catalysis and Photoinitiation of Polymerization Reactions under Visible Lights

Mohamad-Ali Tehfe, Marc Lepeltier, Frederic Dumur, Didier Gigmes, Jean-Pierre Fouassier, Jacques Lalevee
Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics, 218 1700192 (2017) 

Copper photoredox catalyst G1: a new high performance photoinitiator for near-UV and visible LEDs

H. Mokbel, D. Anderson, R. Plenderleith, C. Dietlin, F. Morlet-Savary, F. Dumur, D. Gigmes, J.-P. Fouassier, J. Lalevee
Polymer Chemistry, 8 5580–5592 (2017) 

Negative mode MS/MS to read digital information encoded in sequence-defined oligo(urethane)s: A mechanistic study

Jean-Arthur Amalian, Salome Poyer, Benoit Eric Petit, Sofia Telitel, Valerie Monnier, Denise Karamessini, Didier Gigmes, Jean-Francois Lutz, Laurence Charles
International Journal of Mass Spectrometry, 421 271–278 (2017) 

Translocation across a self-healing block copolymer membrane

Sabrina Nehache, Prashant Tyagi, Mona Semsarilar, Andre Deratani, Trang N. T. Phan, Didier Gigmes, Damien Quemener
Soft Matter, 13 6689–6693 (2017) 

Novel Carbazole Skeleton-Based Photoinitiators for LED Polymerization and LED Projector 3D Printing

Assi Al Mousawi, Patxi Garra, Frederic Dumur, Thanh-Tuan Bui, Fabrice Goubard, Joumana Toufaily, Tayssir Hamieh, Bernadette Graff, Didier Gigmes, Jean Pierre Fouassier, Jacques Lalevee
Molecules, 22 2143 (2017) 

Photopolymerization processes of thick films and in shadow areas: a review for the access to composites

Patxi Garra, Celine Dietlin, Fabrice Morlet-Savary, Frederic Dumur, Didier Gigmes, Jean-Pierre Fouassier, Jacques Lalevee
Polymer Chemistry, 8 7088–7101 (2017)